Ninebot One E+

It's Intelligent, Self-Balancing and Has Just One Wheel

It's for trendsetters – are you one?

What is Ninebot One E+?

This one-wheel product is state-of-the-art personal transportation. It combines style and design with comfort and practicality.

The One E+ is the next-generation in short-distance personal transportation. It's sleek and stylish, yet also lightweight with great speed and range. It takes personal electric transportation to the next level as it appeals to riders looking to try new things and have fun.

Dynamic Design Meets Complete Capability

Every aspect of the One E+'s hardware was meticulously designed by our engineering team. Don't let the sleek and progressive design fool you. This product not only has a great aesthetic -- it's quick, durable and capable, too.

To add to the product's streamlined look, we've hidden the One E+'s handle and equipped it with a 16-inch high performance tire and broad pedals both of which appeal to veteran riders as well as those learning to ride.

Smart Yet Still Simple

The technology behind the One E+'s aesthetic is amazing. Its high-speed CPU, coupled with precise gyroscopes, allows the utmost sensitivity to the rider's movements. It's also equipped with a slim, high-powered and brushless 16-inch-electromotor, and advanced sine wave inverter technology. The One E+ can hit an impressive top speed of 20 km/h and high-rate batteries allow the rider up to 30 kilometers of range on a single charge.

Ride with Confidence and Feel Secure

Assuring rider safety is Ninebot's top priority. That's why all our products are individually test ridden for quality standards before they leave our production facility. Our engineers also built an intelligent safety warning system, which includes sound, light and touch monitors, into every product, which tracks vehicle status and keeps you safe. Indications of excessive speed, quick acceleration, low power or an internal failure will immediately trigger warnings that alert you to the problem.

Durable, Lightweight and High-Performance

Crafted from the highest quality material, the One E+ redefines one-wheel electric vehicles with its aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and pedals, an elastic LEXAN PC resin enclosure and a powerful brushless motor featuring an 18650 battery. All while being superiorly designed to weigh just 10kg. This one-wheeler is great looking, durable and fun to ride!

Create Your Very Own One E+

Take your individuality to the next level by creating your own unique One E+. The modular design allows for easy customization – add themes, color schemes and more. You can even quickly remove and replace different parts. Choose from a wide variety of shell colors including sunshine orange, phantom purple, sea blue and sweet pink. You can also add upgrades or replacement parts as needed.

Amazing Lighting

Use the Ninedroid™ App to change the plethora of amazing lighting effects and color combinations available and make your One E+ custom and bright. You can also monitor the unit's power level through yellow and red indicator lights that notify you of diminishing power levels.

Keep Connected with the Full Featured Ninedroid App

Since it's so easy to use, the One E+ is guaranteed to become part of your everyday life. Be sure to leverage the Ninedroid™ App, which is available in the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). With the app you can monitor the driving dashboard, diagnose issues, personalize settings, adjust ambient lighting and update firmware. You can also connect and interact with a large online community of riders to share your stories, check rider rankings and more.

A Challenging, But Fun Learning Curve

Similar to riding a bike for the first time, learning to ride the One E+ can be challenging, but it's also fun. It may take a bit of time depending on your, mindset and skill set. Keep in mind that it's much less intimidating than it looks. Simply follow the online tutorial, which includes images and videos, and after some practice, you'll be enjoying a smooth ride. Have patience, persevere and you will succeed.

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