Ninebot E+

Two-wheel Smart, Self-Balancing Scooter
Fashionable personal transportation sets the standard
for your on-the-go lifestyle

An Innovative, Short Distance Travel Option

The Ninebot E+ features a simple and elegant design that delivers easy and convenient electric personal transportation. Riding is effortless, allows riders to avoid traffic jams and is also far faster and much more fun than walking. In addition, the unit is affordable, green and can be charged at any standard electrical outlet.

Unmatched Durability

In addition to being progressive and practical, the Ninebot E+ is also incredibly durable. Its frame is made of aviation-grade AZ-91D magnesium alloy, weighs only 1.7kg and is complemented by both fine-brushed aluminum alloy and LEXAN™ VisualFX polycarbonate resin, to ensure superior durability and an upscale aesthetic.

A Powerful Core Ensures a Stable and Precise Ride

Ninebot's engineers developed the Ninebot E+'s first-generation self-balancing operational system. After 5 years of extensive data collection and continuous innovation, including the addition of a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, the second-generation of the self-balancing operational system was launched and implemented across the Ninebot product line. The system's output power reaches 80V/100A, which enables the Ninebot E+ to consistently deliver outstanding operational performance, a quick response time and superior reliability.

Dual-Redundancy Supports Rider Safety

The safe operation of the Ninebot E+ relies heavily on the unit's dual redundancy. The unit's key features include two sets of components – one for standard operation and the other that remains on standby. In the unlikely event that a malfunction or failure occurs with the original components, the other will take over immediately. At the very same time, the rider receives an update on the unit's status. These types of safety measures are costly to implement, but at Ninebot, safety is our top priority.

Energy Efficient and Quiet

The Ninebot E+'s Servomotor, featuring high power density, along with its third-generation DC frequency conversion technology serve as the product's core. Its advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) empowers the gear box to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Virtually every watt of energy is used to generate power while keeping heat and noise to a minimum. Meanwhile, electric energy is also produced while the rider is slowing down or braking, which is then leveraged by the battery, through the kinetic energy recycle circuit process, for future acceleration. Riders are sure to enjoy a highly efficient and quiet ride.

Save Time, Enjoy Your Ride

On the occasion where your destination is far long to walk and too short to drive, the Ninebot E+ is the perfect choice. You'll travel up to 20km/h, and enjoy a comfortable ride with shock absorption technology, all while avoiding traffic. You'll arrive before you know it with a smile on your face.

Convenience Optimized - Keep it in Your Car and Use the App

The Ninebot E+ easily disassembles and weighs only 20kg, which allows you to pack it in your car. It's there when you need it. Park the car, quickly assemble your E+ and ride! You'll avoid congestion, traffic and more.

The Ninedroid™ App for the Ninebot E+ is now available. Go to the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) to download it. With the app you can monitor the instrument panel, remotely drive the unit, share records, consult riders online, contact customer service, personalize settings and update firmware. You can even charge your cell phone from your E+ - how convenient is that?

Customize Your Color and Light Your Way for Safety

The Ninebot E+ is available in three LEXAN Visual FX resin cover colors -- crystal blue, fresh green and wine red – all of which can be easily changed whenever you'd like.

You can also customize your ride by using your smartphone to select the lighting effects on your unit's handlebar, rear light and front light. Have fun with your options and be safe too.

Superior Features Ensure a Fantastic Ride

The Ninebot E+ is easy for anyone in the family to ride. Simply step on and control the unit's movement by leaning forward and backward. It's a great alternative to walking and its handlebar can be adjusted to ensure a rider's optimal comfort.

Every PTR includes two intelligent remote keys, which can power on the unit from up to 10 meters away. And when riding, you can easily monitor the unit's power level, speed and more on its large LED screen.