Look Forward to Every Ride!

Simplicity and elegance are the cornerstones of the miniPRO's design. This amazing machine reads your body's movements and, through advanced technology, keeps you balanced and ensures an incredible ride. In just a few minutes, most people will master basic riding skills and enjoy the miniPRO's speed, range and robust features.

  • 3 minutes
    Master riding skills
  • 4 times
    Faster than walking
  • 15˚
  • 30 Km
    Ultra-long riding distance
  • Self-induction
    LED rainbow lamp

Nervous About Trying a miniPRO?
No worries – it's super easy to get started.

Multiple precision sensors recognize and continuously read every move your body makes.
The miniPRO then, almost instantly, at a rate of 200 times per second,
makes adjustments to ensure your balance, speed and direction are maintained.

Four Times Faster Than Walking [2]

Literally, four times faster than walking. How efficient is that? The miniPRO is not only stable it's quick and long-ranging, traveling at speeds of up to 6 kph and distances of up to 22 kilometers.

  • 800 w
    rated power, dual motor
  • 18 km/h
    Comfortable speed
  • 70 Nm
    70 maximum torque

Climbs Inclines and Traverses Small Obstacles

Although the minPRO is sleek and boasts a streamlined profile, it easily handles urban environments, including pavement and packed dirt surfaces. Thanks to its dynamic design and powerful algorithms that respond to a rider's demands, it can also climb 15 degree inclines and easily traverse small obstacles.

  • Rainy day/wet land
  • Gravel
  • Slope
  • Small obstacles
  • Tiles

Customizable LED Lights Lamp

The miniPRO's lighting options not only enhance a rider's safety, the customizable selections add a measure of fun to your ride. LED lighting colors can be selected for each of the unit's functions – stopping, slowing down, turning and more. Choose from 16 million colors combinations and make your miniPRO your own.

  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Steering light
  • Brake light

Remote-Control Your miniPRO via Bluetooth

The remote-control feature allows for adjustable speed and 360 degree turns. You can drive items from Point A to Point B, entertain your friends and family with your driving prowess, play around with your pets and more.

Ultra-long Riding Range

A high-performance 18650-lithium battery comes standard with your miniPRO. It's lightweight, durable, reliable and ensures a ride of up to 30 km.

Black Technology Will Wow You

Our engineers call it “black technology”. It's an intelligent, self-learning algorithm that tracks your preferences, analyzes them and makes adjusts to the unit's control parameters to better accommodate your riding style. It does so by leveraging sensors to monitor a rider's weight, gestures and speed as well as the unit's temperature and electrical current. The miniPRO truly is a marvel.

  • Fun youth
  • An intellectual beauty

Your phone:
The key and your smart assistant manager.

With customizable software upgrades and settings, your phone can also serve a remote control unit and dashboard that displays your current speed. Also embedded is a status diagnostic function which alerts you of any disturbance caused to your vehicle while you are away and also if any fault occurs while the Ninebot Mini Pro is in use.

  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle status diagnostics
  • User-defined settings
  • Firmware upgrade
  • How-tos

Lightweight, Portable and Durable

With a small footprint that is lightweight, the miniPRO can fit neatly into all sorts of small spaces, including your car's trunk, with ease. And, the unit's compact frame is constructed of the highest quality aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, which ensures its impressive durability.

All in one Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Wheel Hubs

High-quality tires and wheel hubs help ensure a rider's comfort and safety. The miniPRO's 10.5-inch vacuum tires deliver better shock absorption performance than typical 6- to 8-inch solid tires. At the same time, their computer-designed tread patterns assist in ensuring a stable ride.

Aircraft Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

Manufactured with the strongest, most durable materials, the minPRO's quality is unmatched by any product in its class. It's lightweight, durable and sure to stand the test of time.

Fifteen Safety Controls

Rider safety has always been, and continues to be, Ninebot's top priority. With products covered by over 400 patents, Ninebot together with Segway, have infused the miniPRO with more than 16 years of safety technology experience. Patented technology automatically stops the motor when a rider lifts it to avoid damage or injury. The miniPRO has also passed shock resistance reliability tests and meets military grade standards. In fact, each miniPRO is required to pass 50 rigorous quality tests before being approved for sale. In addition to all the minPRO's safety features, it's still important to always ride courteously and safely.

  • Stop when lifted protection
  • Stop when falling protection
  • Over-speed warning
  • Antiskid pneumatic tire
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Fault alarm and black box
  • Power on self test
  • Intelligent battery monitoring

Smart, Detailed Design

Ergonomic foot-control pad for safety and riding comfort

It's all in the details – and the miniPRO's design details are impressive. Its ergonomically correct foot control pads provide a maximum curvature radius for your inner leg, ensuring that you are as comfortable riding as you would be standing. The unit also features a guide bar that is adjustable and extendable, so you can easily maneuver the miniPRO when you're not riding.

Personalize for the Most Comfortable Ride

You can quickly and easily personalize the height of the miniPRO's knee control bar, for maximum comfort, by making a simple modification. Turn the height adjustment knob counterclockwise and pull the knee control bar to your desired height - from 611 mm to 866 mm. Then turn the knob clockwise to tighten. For areas that are not appropriate for riding, use the retractable guide bar, which works along with the built in balance-assistance function to allow you to pull the unit around obstacles.

Wear Protective Riding Gear and Go!

We strongly recommended that you wear a helmet and protective gear every time you ride, so we've designed a line of protective riding gear to ensure that every ride is safe. It includes a strong and light custom helmet as well as palm, elbow and knee pads. So, get geared up and go! Before riding, please carefully read the product's manual, which includes safety instructions.

*For safety, it is strongly recommended that you wear a helmet and protective gear every time you ride a Mini Pro. Avoid pedestrians, other vehicles and freeways.

  1. In 25˚ ambient temperature, and with full charge capacity, a rider weighing 70 kg can ride a Mini Pro on a flat road at a steady speed of 15 km/h.
  2. The speed is measured based on the presumption that the normal walking speed of an adult is 1 m/s (3.6 km/h). The actual number may vary with the road condition, ambient temperature, and mileage.
  3. Always obey traffic rules. Do not ride in snow, ice or on muddy roads.
  4. The [Ninebot] App requires Android 4.3 or later and iOS 5.0 or later.
  5. Please read the safety instruction in the manual carefully.
  6. In April 2015, Ninebot and Segway started their partnership.